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Kriszti and Daniele | Balatonfüred Wedding Photographer


September is here and now it's pretty much time to do some blogging. I'm sitting here with a latte, flipping through the images of Kriszti and Daniele's wedding with a huge smile on my face. and I can't call myself fortunate enough

Their wedding was like everything a wedding photographer could ever dream of. Take a gorgeous hungarian bride, a cool italian groom, their cutie pie baby girl, a whole day full of emotion, lots of laughs, tears, passion, awesome friends, loving family, beautiful location, lots and lots of love in the air.  Ah and don't forget the party! Gosh... what a party!! 

I hope you'll love these photos as much as I do. 


Location: Anna Grand Hotel / Balatonfüred

MC: Balogh Tamás / FACEBOOK

FILM: Dato Katamadze